Celebrate the end of 2015 with us!


Lincoln: Cottonwood Cafe, 440 South 11th Street


5:30pm - Wednesday, 16th
December 2015


Holiday Bash!


This month we’re teaming up with LNK Coding Women to bring you an end of the year holiday bash! We’ll be at Cottonwood Cafe Bistro and Bar from 5:30 to 7:30; plenty of time to eat, drink, and work. NERDbraska is free as always, and to entice you out into the cold we will be buying one drink (Up to $5 value) for each of the first 15 people that show up! Make sure to talk to Elizabeth Vornbrock to get your ticket!


The ultimate meetup for individuals with a creative passion or background. Once a month, we get together in Lincoln at a pub or coffee shop to talk, eat, drink, and create. If you are a programmer, designer, creator, make-it-worker, photographer, videographer, writer, student, or anything in between, grab your computer or sketchbook and come out to work amongst like-minded people. NERDbraska is simply a good time to sit down and work alongside other creatives and connect this talented community.

NERDbraska is FREE!

FREE! There is no charge for attending this event! You are responsible for your own tab, however.

Everyone is Welcome

Developers, designers, creators, photographers, videographers, writers, and anyone involved in the creative workflow! Bring your friends and/or significant others!

What to Bring

Bring your laptop or your sketchbook or leave ‘em at home! This event is definitely social. Plan on meeting new developers, designers, and creatives and learning about what is going on in your community. Make connections. The night is yours!

Bring a Friend

Show them what they are missing. Introduce them to everyone. Talk code and/or design. Talk goals. These are the people that can help; because we want to.

First-Time NErd?

Come and learn about the development and design community. Meet someone new. Learn something new. Find out first hand why this community is so great!

Common Attendees

Creativity is my addiction, and design is just how I get my fix.

Anthony Banks

A communicator, a collector of knowledge, an obsessive designer, a teacher, a volunteer, a creator.

Elizabeth Vornbrock


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Want to bring NERDbraska to you?

Looking to start this one of kind gathering in your city. Contact us to find out how to get your city on the roaster and get a NERDbraska Party Kit.

Questions, comments, or constructive criticism?

Whether you’re a first time attendee, someone who has been coming to all the events, want to become a sponsor, or have something to tell us you think could be better, we’d love to hear from you. Fill out the form and we’ll get back at you as soon as we can! Or you can email the Director of Show at showchair@nebraska.aiga.org.

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